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Best Skincare Product Manufacturers In India

Previously, when Indian women won beauty pageants, India was considered one of the biggest markets in the world to sell skincare and beauty products. Indians were lured towards these products that gave instant gratification instead of their traditional and harmless ayurvedic skincare with long-lasting effects. Indians realized it was too late to avoid using these products without a proper alternate solution. This is when the skincare product manufacturers in India raised the bar and mixed the tradition of India with the technology of the west. They incorporated natural ingredients in modern products like soaps, creams, and gels.

Today almost every Indian woman has become conscious of their skincare routine and is making informed decisions about what goes on their skin. Many new-age cosmetic manufacturing companies have come up with revolutionary ideas to cater to these well-informed and conscious millennials. Some of them are listed below.

Incorporation of Natural Ingredients

Since many dermatologists and researchers were proving that the chemical skincare products that were supposed to protect your skin were causing more harm. Indian laboratories turned towards their treasury of knowledge in naturopathy and Ayurveda. They selected natural ingredients that suited specific needs and blended and processed them to convert them into simple and effective products.


This was a masterstroke as customization was becoming the talk of the town. When everything was being customized to suit particular needs, why not skincare? Every person is different; everybody is different, and so is every skin. Manufacturing products customized for your skin ensures that there are no extra preservatives added, as you have to make a fresh batch every time, and the effects are manifold. Therefore, the customer is satisfied and becomes a regular.

The feeling of personalization is also a great way to market your products better.


With the millennials becoming more and more conscious and aware of their surroundings. Their consumer choices have also changed, and they are willing to pay extra to take a step toward the environment. Today skincare product manufacturers in India have left behind their cruel animal testing and decided to contribute a percentage of their sales to planting trees. They also make conscious choices while using containers and storage units for their products.

New Age Business Model

Not the vast manufacturers but small-scale and mid-scale cosmetic manufacturing companies are making the noise and grabbing the highest market shares. They have wisely invested in digital and content marketing instead of traditional marketing methods costing a fortune. These companies also sell online. They either sold their products on e-commerce sites or Instagram by themselves.

This has reduced the cost of setting up a store, distribution channels, and much more. There are no intermediaries, so the benefits are reaped only by the customer and the manufacturer alone.


The Indian cosmetic and skin care industry is proliferating and is estimated to scale to $20 billion by 2025. India accounts for 5% of the global cosmetics market and is top 5 of the global leaders. These new age practices, marketing, manufacturing, and fracture have developed the industry. Companies like AM Enterprises are striving hard on the quality and compliance of all these policies.

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