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Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturing Company India:- The Indian cosmetics product market is rapidly growing and is projected to grow at a 4.23% CAGR during 2022-23. The cosmetics industry is relatively strong when compared to other segments and is an attractive industry that will never die. With the increasing penetration of the internet, people are getting more concerned about their “skin health”. More and more people are becoming concerned about their skin’s health and are beginning to start their morning and night skincare routines. The marvelous growth of the cosmetic industry is an index that not only urban people but also rural folks are interested in buying cosmetic products. If you are on a hunt to discover the top third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India, you are at the right place. Setting up a production unit that meets your demands and managing the manufacturing stress is a gigantic task. You need not worry when you can outsource your production requirements to a third-party cosmetic manufacturing company.


AM ENTERPRISES is a well-recognized third-party cosmetic manufacturing company. We offer a wide variety of GMP and WHO certified cosmetic products. Moreover, we deal in personal care, oral care, hair care, and many more products. The company believes in developing high-quality products that are appreciated by the end consumers and they keep coming back. Since 2013, the company is committed to providing excellent manufacturing services for the cosmetic range and satisfying customers all over the world. Our cosmetic line is capable of delivering high-end results because we have put a lot of effort and time into building a reputation among the top third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India.

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If you are searching for a third party cosmetic manufacturing company, AM ENTERPRISES can be the best choice for you among all cosmetics manufacturing companies in India. By choosing us, you can concentrate on your core capabilities of selling and marketing your brand. We will undertake all your manufacturing needs.

1. Vast experience:

Always choose a manufacturing company that has been there and done that in the industry. AM ENTERPRISES started in 2013 and since then we are building a huge clientele who are still connected with us. Thus, we have gained vast experience in delivering a high-quality cosmetic range.

2. GMP-WHO certifications

We aim to offer the best quality product in the market. We are true to our profession and follow all the legal authorizations. We strictly adhere to the GMP and WHO guidelines for the manufacturing of cosmetic products. All our products qualify for GMP and WHO certifications. So, you can stay rest assured of quality.

3. World-class manufacturing unit

Our state-of-the-art unit is completely equipped with the latest technology. We follow modern techniques for production. Moreover, our manufacturing unit works under the minds of our highly experienced team of professionals who are committed to excellence. Moreover, our labor is also well-experienced. Our manufacturing unit is competent of handling small and bulk orders both.

4. Skin-friendly cosmetics range

The company provides a cosmetics range that is dermatologically tested, 100% paraben, and sulfate-free. We do not use synthetic materials in manufacturing the products. Also, all our products are regularly checked and lab tested.

5. Reasonable cost

We are providing specialized third-party manufacturing services at a very reasonable cost. We manufacture in bulk and offer the benefits of the principle of the scale of economy to our customers.

Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturing

6. Growth opportunities

When we are here for all your manufacturing needs, you can focus on more important tasks. You need not invest in a manufacturing unit to manufacture your products. You can trust us for your varied products ranging from skincare, personal care, oral care, hair care products, etc., and expand your product portfolio and business.

7. Packaging

Packaging is a very principal role in the sale of cosmetic products. It leaves an everlasting impact on the minds of the consumers. We pack the products in very attractive packaging. The quality of packaging material is never compromised at our third-party manufacturing unit. We only use the packaging material approved by our highly professional quality assurance team.

8. Labeling

We offer private labeling of the products. You can provide us with the packaging details for your products and we will provide you with your desired packaging design. We provide custom layouts that help you create customized and personalized labels for your products. Moreover, we can also guide and help you with the best labeling design and details.

9. Easy payment and delivery service

We offer several modes of payment for our clients’ convenience. Moreover, we have a wide network of distribution systems that is highly effective in delivering your order in a timely manner. We make sure that you receive your order well in time.

10. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

We believe in delivering excellence and we are proud of our quality production. Therefore, we assure you 100% satisfaction. Not only do we provide quality products but our services are also quality-oriented.

Product range for third party cosmetic manufacturing company

The product range at AM ENTERPRISES is huge. We are one of the fastest-growing cosmetics manufacturing companies in India providing fine quality products at very competitive prices. All the cosmetic products are manufactured under the guidance of our professional production team and regularly tested by our quality assurance team. The company offers a wide range of products under various category heads of cosmetics.

The face products include the following products

The face products include the following products:

The hair care products include the following products:

Hair spa

The sanitizer products include the following products:

Hand sanitizer
● Hand wash gel

Other range of products includes:

Quality control and assurance followed by AM ENTERPRISES

quality assurance
AM ENTERPRISES is engaged in the cosmetics business for nearly a decade now, and we know the importance of delivering excellence in skincare and personal care products. Our brand name is synonymous with quality. Our experienced team of professionals strives to create flawless blends of the formulations for a variety of cosmetic products. Moreover, we never compromise on the quality of the packaging material used for packing the products. Hence, when we boast of our quality, it’s not only about the product but about everything, from raw material, packaging material, and the final product.
We are a favored choice of customers among the third-party cosmetic manufacturers because we help in building and expanding your brand portfolio. We do not compromise on quality. Our manufacturing unit is capable of solving the ever-increasing demand for cosmetic products. We always stand out when it comes to meeting the expectations of our customers in terms of quality.

Our R and D team focuses on the core innovations for manufacturing the best quality cosmetic products at an affordable rate and our highly qualified quality assurance team is committed to testing the quality of the products during all the manufacturing processes. Therefore, you will obtain high-quality, and effective products when you choose us for cosmetic third-party manufacturing in india. AM ENTERPRISES is a top brand name in cosmetics manufacturing companies in India.

Documents required for cosmetic third party manufacturing

AM ENTERPRISES is a manufacturing firm that believes in doing business transparently and efficiently. Before starting any business there are some legal formalities that need to be attained. Similarly, you need a few documents to start cosmetic third-party manufacturing with AM ENTERPRISES. Once you submit these documents and make the initial payment, we can start manufacturing for you. These documents are mentioned below:

1. Company’s profile

You need to submit your company’s profile along with a copy of the PAN Card of your
company, a copy of the Memorandum of association, and Articles of association if you
are a private ltd. company. If you are a partnership firm or a proprietorship firm, submit a
partnership deed or affidavit of proprietary respectively.

2. Owner’s documents

We need names, addresses, and contact numbers along with a copy of the Aadhar card
and PAN cards of all the directors, partners, or proprietors of your organization. Provide
your residential and official details both.

3. Agreement of manufacturing

Please attach an agreement of manufacturing as well as per the standard specimen.

4. Authorized signatory

We need a copy of the resolution for an authorized signatory to deal with whether you
are an Ltd. company, private, or a partnership organization.

5. Certificate of non- resemblance

Please attach a certification of non- resemblance.

6. Drug license

Provide a copy of the drug license. It should be attested.

7. Sales tax or TIN Registration certificates

You need to submit an attested copy of the sales tax or a TIN Registration certificate.

Being a dominant name among the top third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India, AM ENTERPRISES is committed to providing the safest and fine quality product range for skincare concerns. Associating with us for cosmetic third-party manufacturing, you will be hugely benefited in terms of time, money, and effort. Get in touch with AM ENTERPRISES and enable our third-party manufacturing services for cosmetics.


Third-party manufacturing is a process in which a company outsources the manufacturing of its products to a third-party manufacturer. The manufacturer produces the products according to the client’s specifications and requirements, and the client can sell the products under its own brand name. Third-party manufacturing is common in industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

Third-party manufacturing has a number of benefits, including lower costs because the manufacturer handles production, quality control, and packaging. It also saves time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on marketing and distribution. Third-party manufacturers often have advanced equipment and expertise, ensuring high-quality products.

A.M. Enterprises offers cosmetic third party manufacturing services for a variety of cosmetic products such as Oral Care, Skin Care, Personal Care Hair Care Products and many more. They have the capability to manufacture high-quality products customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

A.M. Enterprises help companies save on manufacturing costs, increase production capacity, and focus on marketing and sales activities. It can also help them offer a wider range of products without investing in manufacturing infrastructure.

Yes, A.M. Enterprises offers cosmetic third party manufacturing services. Depending on the product, the minimum order quantity can range from 500 to 1000 units. They try to meet the needs of both small and large businesses, and their team can help clients figure out the best order size based on their specific needs.

Yes, A.M. Enterprises keeps control of the quality of products by setting quality standards and doing regular quality checks. So, it is important to choose a third-party cosmetics manufacturing companies that are reliable, have experience, and can meet the quality standards.

Yes, the third party cosmetic manufacturing company offers customization services so that their clients’ needs and preferences can be met. They work with the client to come up with a unique recipe, design for the packaging, and labeling to make a product that fits the client’s brand and market.

At A. M. Enterprises’ cosmetic products undergo various tests, such as stability testing, microbial testing, and sensory testing, to ensure that they meet industry standards and the client’s requirements. They also implement quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure consistent quality.

To start a third-party cosmetic manufacturing brand with a company, businesses may need to provide documents such as product specifications, branding and packaging designs, and legal documentation such as business registration and licenses. For more information, you can contact A.M. Enterprises directly to obtain their specific requirements.

To work with third-party cosmetics manufacturing companies that make cosmetics, businesses can research and evaluate potential manufacturers based on things like their expertise, production capabilities, quality control measures, and prices. Once a suitable manufacturer is identified, businesses can initiate contact to discuss their needs and requirements and work together to develop a customized product.

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